Internship seeker Master Mines d'Albi-Carmaux Albi Cedex 09 on

Stage de développeur web ou progiciel

CV Code: 4f3fdea998024435
Date of last connection: 2012-10-31
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Mr. Si... Pe...
81000 Albi

Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur généraliste, spécialité : management des systèmes d'information


School: Mines d'Albi-Carmaux 81013 Albi Cedex 09

Education level: Master 3rd year
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : High school completed
Last diploma : Bac mention très bien, section européenne anglais
Current educational level : +5
Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur généraliste, spécialité : management des systèmes d'information

Duration of the internship: 20 semaines au moins
Beginning of the internship:
2013-03-18 2013-08-18
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : langage C et Matlab, HTML, PHP et CSS en apprentissage Graphcet, CAO pack office

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : A

Languages :
French : Native
English : Fluent
Spanish : Fluent

Cover letter

internship request.

Dear Madam, Sir

I would like to apply for a six-month
internship in your company, from the 18th of March to the 18th
of August 2013. I am currently in my last year in the School of Mines d'Albi,
France, a general engineering school.

I already did 3 internships during
these last 3 years. In 2010, I had to execute an internship as a worker on the
assembly line. Then, in 2011, I worked as a project manager in a company
specialized in milling and turning. Last summer, I went
to Panama, in a power plant, to work as a webmaster creating the company’s
website and writing processes.

My option at school is Information
System Management. I would like to work as a network and systems manager in the
future. But right now, I need to increase my experience in this domain. That is
why your offer interests me. I would like to carry on coding and managing a
dynamic website with web services and interactive processes.

I know some algorithm languages
such as C, Java and Perl languages. I learned on my own the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to realize websites and I
am currently learning these previous languages and MySQL databases at school. I
am also a good user of Office, LibreOffice and Access.

I am dynamic and motivated, I like concrete results.
I feel comfortable both working within a team environment and on individual

My level in English and Spanish is
quite good, I would have no problem understanding and speaking English with

Finally, travelling takes a great
part of my life. I would like to have the time to visit the area so as to
broaden my horizons while improving my career profile.

An internship with you is of great interest to
me and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully




School of Mines Albi


School Chateaubriand


School St Thomas d'Aquin


Currently in
my last year in a General Engineering School

Information System Management


· Programming Languages: C, HTML, CSS, Java,
Perl, JavaScript and XML

· Project management: Microsoft Project,

Process Modelling:

Network and
Web services

Management: Microsoft Access

Classes preparing for entrance examinations to the French Grandes

Baccalaureate with grade 'very good', European section in English





fluent, I passed the IELTS with grade

fluent, 3-month internship in Panama


May to August

Panama City, Panama

Termica del Caribe

May to August

Le Mans,


February 2010

La Ferté-Macé, France

General Cable

Summer 2009
& 2010


July 2008

Pré en Pail,

Webmaster and
Process Writer

I created the
company’s website with my own knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

I wrote and
established missing processes with the relevant staff

Project Manager

I managed the
project of deploying a new system of the metrology arrangement

Line Worker

I worked as a
line worker in the manufacturing of ignition harnesses

Work in the
family business

I worked as an
employee in a henhouse of turkeys

Volunteer in a summer camp





Places visited

I represented my class at the Board of
Directors for 2 years; I really like to take part in decisions.

playing bass guitar, 70's rock music, films
(Coen’s and Tarantino’s are my favourite), mangas and Japanese cartoons

volleyball, hiking, swimming, badminton

New York (08/2001), Portugal (04/2002),
Turkey (08/2003 and 12/2004), Prague
(05/2004), Ireland (10/2006), Barcelona (08/2007) and Panama (05/2012 -

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